Winner: John Johnson
For more than thirty years, televised wrestling was a major event in Atlanta homes, and there were primarily two announcers during that
time who called the action. A wrestling announcer is a key part to a promotion, especially in the area of television, as they are the voice
not only describing the action, but they are also the person responsible for making certain the wrestlers get over, and that the fan
understands exactly what is happening.

Gordon Solie is perhaps most remembered by Georgia fans as the voice of GCW during the 1970s and 1980s. His fan base far
exceeded the territory, as he called the action for other companies as well, but it was the TBS exposure that led to him being as much a
household name as anyone in the business. His approach to calling the action in a legitimate way, as if the wrestlers were truly
competing, added to the believability of the programs and the business itself.

Before Solie, it was Ed Capral who provided fans in their living rooms with the calls, and he came across as everyone's friend in doing
so. Capral's smooth delivery and ability to call it as he saw it, made fans feel as though he were in their own homes, bringing the action
to life.
John Johnson has stood the test of time at Anarchy. As color commentator for their television show, Johnson can be counted on for his
outlandish and often hilarious remarks, which have often been known to pop the boys watching the monitor. With the departure of long-
time partner Greg Hunter earlier this year, Johnson’s presence has provided the stabilizing force for the Anarchy announce team.
Johnson’s expanded role at Anarchy includes doing double duty as ringside manager for the Ambassadors.