Winner: Rampage Pro Wrestling
A good promotion is one that brings the fans a consistent product with strong production. It must also be loaded with solid talent and
compelling reasons to keep fans coming back.

Jones, although a figurehead for the better part of his forty years of promotion in Georgia, took these pieces and put them all together
early, making the NWA office in Atlanta one of the premier places for a wrestler to work. Even when he pulled back from the day-to-day
operations, he still managed to stay involved enough to help those who worked for him to make the territory the place to be.

Behrens did the same, but in a much different time and under extremely more difficult circumstances to have a successful promotion.
His longevity and innovations while at the helm of NWA Wildside made the company a launching pad for many of today's top stars, and
has made the Wildside/Anarchy group a worldwide promotion with the help of the Internet.
Rampage Pro Wrestling solidified their standing as Georgia’s premier wrestling promotion in 2011. If you’re a wrestler in Georgia, RPW
has become the place to be. The fact that individuals closely associated with RPW were selected as winners in nine out of eleven
categories in this year’s awards speaks volumes about the quality of their product. Members of the RPW roster are featured in numerous
other promotions around the state, usually at or near the top of the card. RPW produces two television shows, which receive high ratings
in the Macon market. RPW is the only Georgia wrestling promotion that has local television, and they have now added a radio show as