Winner: Jimmy Rave
Without a booker, pro wrestling would resemble amateur wrestling, and although interesting, it wouldn't be good for business. Two of the
best storyline writers with innovative angles in Georgia history were Ole Anderson and Leo Garibaldi.

Anderson booked for the Atlanta NWA office for eight years, minus a brief break in 1980-81, and those years were the largest
money-makers for the company. Anderson booked some of the most legendary angles that are still fondly recalled today among the
older fans.

Garibaldi, a legendary booker at every stop during his career, was the creative mind in Georgia during the mid-to-late 1960s, a period
when Atlanta made its most money in the company's history at that point. Fans of that era constantly cite Garibaldi's innovative ideas, and
industry-wide, Garibaldi is arguably remembered as the best booker the business ever had.
Jimmy Rave’s logical, compelling style of booking has been a key component in the continued rise of RPW. Just as the namesakes of
this award were, he is also a stickler for detail and execution. Having a talented roster is one thing, but booking that talent in a way that
highlights their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses is a daunting challenge that Rave has been able to meet. He has the
confidence and vision that allows stories to play out over time, rather than being prematurely rushed to conclusion. As the leader of the
Rave Approved stable, he has been able walk the fine line of being positioned as the top heel, but doing so in way that elevates all talent
surrounding him. Rave has been also been able to develop storylines that bring out the best in the younger members of the roster such
as Anthony Andrews and Drew Adler.