Winner: Johnny Gayton
A great promoter is one who consistently presents successful shows, has a great reputation with the fans, and most importantly,
maintains credibility with the talent. Fred Ward and Jim Barnett were perfect examples of this, evidenced by the fact that decades after
their last significant work was completed, they are still spoken of with great respect by those who worked for them.

Ward ran regular cards in middle Georgia for some forty years, with Columbus and Macon being his primary towns on the circuit.
Although he was affiliated with the main office in Atlanta, he had his own television deals in both towns, and is remembered fondly for
being a man of integrity who gave many their beginnings, but always openly shared his success with those who made it possible.

Barnett, regarded highly for his innovations in the wrestling business, helped make many stars in Georgia during the 1970s and 1980s,
with help from national television exposure. His abilities to rub the right elbows politically, and his knowledge of how to not just produce a
quality program but also analyze and understand ratings and how to use them, made him one of the most revered figures in the
Dr. Johnny Gayton was one of several repeat winners from 2010 associated with RPW. Under his leadership, RPW became a member
of the National Wrestling Alliance. Gayton promoted nine NWA World Title bouts in Warner Robins (three singles and six tags) and
brought the NWA World Tag Team Championship to Georgia (via the Usual Suspects). RPW also featured two appearances by ROH
World Champion Davey Richards, and partnered with Dragon Gate USA to provide the bonus card for one of their WrestleMania weekend
events in Atlanta. Members of the RPW roster were also seen on Spike TV as a result of RPW’s participation in TNA’s Impact Wrestling
tapings in Macon.