The first confirmed professional wrestling match we have found a record of taking place in Georgia occurred on November 24, 1887, as John Muhler took F.S. Hughes in
three falls at the Market Hall in Augusta.

An event had been advertised in March of 1883, to feature Duncan C. Ross against Thebaud Bauer at the DeGive Grand Opera House in Atlanta. However, we have two
reasons to believe that bout never happened. There was no follow up story on the Ross-Bauer match in the Atlanta Constitution, which had advertised the event. Further,
the same publication noted that a December 12, 1887, bout featuring Muhler taking on Frank Dougherty and Dennis O'Leary in a handicap match at the Concordia Hall
as being the first pro wrestling event in the city.

Wrestling stayed hot through the latter stages of 1887, with a series of events including Ross, Muhler, and a late arrival, Greek George. Following an Atlanta bout on
January 9, 1888, however, fans turned on the business, as they believed the outcome had been arranged in advance for a match featuring Muhler and George.

A reference was later made in the Augusta Evening News in January 1891, when it was reported that a man who had accepted an open challenge to face George in that
city was seen an hour later handing out programs promoting George.

It would be the next decade before pro wrestling returned to the state with any significance.