This section is a collaborative effort, the results of many exhaustive hours of work done by various researchers, historians, fans, and in some cases, wrestlers, and
promoters.  If you have any material that you can offer, please send to our Contributions group.

Within each section, we detail the date, day, city, and state of the card, as well as the venue and attendance if known.  In addition, each card is accompanied by the
promoter and the affiliation of the promoter if they were working under a collective banner with other promoters.  Where the results have been documented, they are
listed, and all title matches and gimmick matches are identified accordingly.  We attempt to include notes regarding each title if we are able to do so.

We provide additional notes where available, such as noteworthy references for the specific cards themselves, or items of interest from the program for a card.  You will
also find mentions of the various office staffs, as well as radio or television programming information throughout this section.

For promotions based in Georgia, we list all information available to us, although it may have been outside of the state.  An example of this would be Georgia
Championship Wrestling, Inc., who ran shows outside the state during the 1980s in Alabama, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, or Jim
Crockett Promotions and World Championship Wrestling, which was a major player competing internationally with WWE, formerly known as the World Wrestling
Federation from the 1980s the early 2000s.  For promotions not based in Georgia, but who occasionally promote events within our state, only those cards are provided.  
An example of this would be the aforementioned WWE, which is based in Connecticut, but runs shows mostly on a semi-annual basis in Georgia.

The material contained within this section has been made available by numerous contributors, including J Michael Kenyon, Don Luce, Chuck Thornton, Scott Teal, Mike
Rodgers, Brian Waits, Tim Dills, Becky Taylor, Ted Allen, David Williamson, Fred Hornby, and others who have been generous to provide us with results of their research
efforts throughout the years.

If you plan to use any of it in regard to taking information from it for purposes such as reprinting it elsewhere, please be sure to give credit where credit is due.  Also, if
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