09/2007: Melissa Coates with Larry Goodman
06/2007: the Assassin with Larry Goodman
12/2004: Jerry Oates with Rich Tate
09/2004: Buddy Colt with Crimson Mask
08/2004: Mr. Wrestling #2 with Rich Tate
06/2004: Geto Mongol with Mike Sempervive
05/2004: Sputnik Monroe with Crimson Mask
03/2004: Larry Zbyszko with Mike Sempervive
03/2004: Les Thatcher with Crimson Mask
01/2004: Ken Wayne with Jeff Luce
12/2003: Ole Anderson with Rich Tate
12/2003: Bill Dromo with Rich Tate
12/2003: the Masked Superstar with Rich Tate
08/2003: Rocket Monroe with Rich Tate
08/2003: the Assassin with Rich Tate
06/2003: Charlie Smith with Rich Tate
05/2003: Bobby Simmons with Rich Tate
Before the GWH Radio Network began operation, we once had a print magazine titled Peach State Pandemonium, which featured at
least two interviews each. Within this section are all of those in full, as well as a few which took place between the demise of the print
version of PSP and the launch of the radio version of PSP.