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Bill Eadie had a remarkable career for a man who was already
settled in a career as an educator.  He just sort of fell into it by
accident when, because of his size, Newton Tattrie asked him
to wrestle for him.  Soon the training began, and Bill has now
spent over thirty years in the business.

Perhaps better known as the Masked Superstar, or possibly
Bolo Mongol, or even as Demolition Axe or the Super Machine -
come to think of it, all of his gimmicks were hugely popular - Bill
is perhaps one of the best men on the stick the business has
seen, falling back on his studies and teachings of psychology,
as well as using his athletic background in the ring.
Bill works as a teacher and mentor for Kids at Risk and has asked for your help.
here for information on how you can receive some special memorabilia from him while contributing to a worthy cause.
You can read an interview Bill did with Georgia Wrestling History by clicking here.
You can chat with Bill by going to our message board or shoot
him an
email in private.  Emails do not go directly to Bill, and
are screened before he receives them.  In some cases, it may
take a few days for Bill to see the emails passed on to him, but
the messages on the board are instantly available to him when
he drops by.

Georgia Wrestling History is proud to be the first to announce that Bill Eadie has made the decision to write a book about his life and
career as a professional wrestler.  Working as his co-author will be Rich Tate, founder of GWH.

The book should be available sometime in 2007.  Stay tuned to
Georgia Wrestling History and this website for details on the release.