I want to thank all the fans we have at DSW for being the greatest and most loyal fans anyone could ever ask for.  Since WWE has shut
DSW down I have experienced some of the most emotional situations that I have ever been involved in; from emotional farewells with
some of the DSW talent, to answering emotional questions from fans that were deeply hurt by this.  I have no answers for the fans for the
talent involved.  I can say from the bottom of my heart that I love you very much.  After being on an emotional rollercoaster for most of the
day and desperately trying to keep it all together it was my 7 year old grandson that caused me to loose it (big time).  Christian overheard
my daughter telling his sister that WWE had let me go and I wouldn't be working at the DSW arena anymore.  He then told his mother he
wanted to get some money from his bank and open a lemonade stand; sell a lot of lemonade and give the money to Pop since he
doesn't have a job.  Such a sweet, loving, and considerate child (this is a true story).  Thank you for caring Christian, but Pop will be OK
even without a job.  It's really heart-warming to me that so many people have responded to me being let go.  Once again, I want to thank
the DSW talent, the DSW fans, and most of all my family, for all of your support.  This will never put or keep me down.  I will be back.

– Joseph Hamilton (4/20/07)
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