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Gene Sannizzaro grew up around Boston where his famous father, Tony Santos, was wrestling promoter for the New England area.  
Gene started wrestling at age 7 and was pro by age 16.  He was mostly influenced by Bull Montana, but learned a lot from other wrestling
greats such as Pat O’Connor and Pepper Gomez.

Because his facial expressions were lacking, Gene’s father put him under a mask as the Great Kilroy.  A few years later, the mask
came off and his father gave him the name Gene Dundee.  When Vince McMahon showed interest in buying his dad’s promotion,
Gene left Boston, eventually showing up on the Gulf Coast.  Promoter Lee Fields named him Gene Fuller, using him first as a referee,
then a wrestler.  He went to Tennessee and the Carolinas for a short time, but found his way back to the Gulf Coast.

Promoter Rocky McGuire sent him to a beauty shop to get a blond streak in his hair.  He became Flash Monroe and was paired with
Rocket Monroe (Maury High).  They worked together for eleven years as the Brothers Monroe.  Every now and then, Sputnik Monroe was
brought in for a special six-man tag team angle.

After a successful stay in Georgia the team split up.  Rocket stayed in Georgia while Flash went to the Amarillo, TX, area as the masked
El Diablo.  Managed by J. C. Dykes, Gene wore a hood with horns.

Gene wrestled last in Mississippi against Stan Frazier.  His titles include the Gulf Coast Tag Team Championship with Rocket (1969)
and the United States Tag Team Championship with Rocket (1973).  His aliases include the Great Kilroy, Gene Dundee, the Jumping
Kangaroos (with Bull Montana), Gene Fuller, Flash Monroe, and El Diablo.

Gene struggled with major health problems after his wrestling career.  He sold mobile homes for a while, then insurance before
suffering nine heart attacks and a car accident that left him disabled.  It was once reported that he had passed away, but it turned out to
be a rumor.  Before the rumor was discovered to be just that, Flash was the only wrestler to receive the “ten countâ€� from the
Cauliflower Alley Club and live to talk about it!  Shortly thereafter, however, Gene “Flash Monroeâ€� Dundee did suffer a fatal heart
attack in Florida.