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The Monroe legacy throughout the United States, especially in the Southern arenas, is still a fond memory for many pro wrestling fans.  It
was in 1957 when "Sputnik" was born, although he had been wrestling ten years prior.  Three years later, Bill Fletcher joined him,
working as his brother and being dubbed as "Rocket".  Soon after, Sputnik's real life brother Gary became the manager for the team
under the moniker of Jet, but his career in the business was short lived.

Fletcher had to leave due to ongoing personal issues, and was eventually replaced by Maury High, who also bore a resemblance to
Sputnik.  Maury, too, worked under the name of "Rocket" and continued the tag team with Sputnik on and off for years.  Eventually, another
"brother" surfaced, and he was known as "Flash".  Flash and Rocket teamed regularly for over ten years, with Sputnik joining them on
occasion, despite his career having taken a turn toward singles work.

Just about every fan who watched wrestling at any time beginning in the 1950s through the 1970s will easily recall this group of
"brothers" who terrorized babyfaces and fans alike.  It would be difficult to list the greatest tag teams without including any combination of
the Monroes.  This site is a tribute to each of them and their work to entertain fans wherever they went in their careers.
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A special thanks goes out to Danny Goddard for the biographies written on each of the individual Monroes.