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The pro wrestling career of Jet Monroe, younger brother to Sputnik and Rocket (Bill Fletcher) was short-lived.  Gary Brumbaugh was in
fact the real brother to Sputnik, Rock Brumbaugh.  Donning the famous blond streak in his hair, he was brought in to manage the
Brothers Monroe in New York.  Sputnik was very pleased with their tag team combination: “We were just absolutely a perfect team,
but when we put my blood brother Gary in as Jet Monroe, that put the icing on the cake.�

It was in New York that the team split up.  Rocket went to Phoenix while Sputnik and Jet landed in Atlanta.  It was announced for several
weeks in advance on TV and at the City Auditorium that Sputnik Monroe and his manager-brother, Jet, would be coming soon.  Most did
not know who or what to expect.

Their first appearance was on a Saturday afternoon TV program, “Live Atlanta Wrestling.â€�  They strutted out from behind the
curtain, dressed to the hilt in designer suits, and strutted around the outside of the ring, carefully examining the posts, the turnbuckles,
the apron, the mat, etc.  When announcer Ed Capral inquired as to their actions, Jet let it be known that his brother would not wrestle in a
ring that did not pass his own personal inspection.  For many weeks, Jet and his big brother stirred up lots of heat from the fans all
across Georgia.

Jet soon left for Mobile and then he and Sputnik met up again in Phoenix.  After a little while, Sputnik moved on to Amarillo, but Gary
stayed in Arizona.  Gary later was invited to Amarillo to work as Dory Funk’s booker.  It was during that time that Gary “Jet Monroeâ
€� Brumbaugh took a managerial position with Walgreen’s Drug Store and dropped out of the business.