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A fullback on Tennessee’s Somerville High School football team, Maury High’s last minute knee injury messed up a scholarship
to Memphis State.  His football career was over.

Barely out of high school, he was out rabbit hunting with a friend, Johnny Alexander, who wrestled for promoter Jim Holly (opposite Nick
Gulas).  He accepted Johnny’s invitation to join him and a couple of friends for a workout that night.  Maury remembers, “They
had a ring set up in a suburb of Memphis.  Johnny, Billy Wicks, and Jimbo Stewart beat me like a yard dog!â€�  As he crawled out of bed
the next morning, he decided this wrestling game was not for him.  Nevertheless, he went back and received beatings worse than the
first on every night that week before they finally lightened up.  On Friday, Maury demanded to know why they had done that and their
answer was that they had to be sure he could take it.

Maury made his pro wrestling debut in 1960 in Marktree, AR, as Rocky Montez.  That night he wrestled Big Jim Holly, then a week later he
defeated Joe Deaton to win the Arkansas State Championship.  Maury wrestled part time for several years.

Mobile promoter Rocky McGuire was planning on bringing Sputnik Monroe into the Gulf Coast.  Noticing a resemblance to Monroe in
Maury High, McGuire believed he had discovered the new Rocket Monroe.  The trademark blond streak was administered and the plan
worked.  Rocket began his full time career in 1965, tag teaming with Sputnik throughout the South, including Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma,
and the Gulf Coast.

Sputnik eventually went his own way and Rocket returned to the Gulf Coast, where he found Gene Dundee, a partner willing to streak his
hair and become “Flashâ€� Monroe.  Together Rocket and Flash wrestled as the Brothers Monroe for eleven years.  One of the
biggest feuds Rocket and Flash had was in Georgia with the Assassins (Tom Renesto and Jody Hamilton).

Rocket retired from wrestling in 1979 after holding several titles: Arkansas State Championship (1960), World Tag Team Championship
with Sputnik (1967), Southern Tag Team Championship with Sputnik (1967), Georgia Tag Team Championship with Sputnik,
Mississippi State Championship (1968), Gulf Coast Championship (1969), Gulf Coast Tag Team Championship with Flash (1969),
Southern Junior Championship, United States Tag Team Championship with Flash (1973).

Maury High lives in Riverdale, GA, and worked as a building inspector for the county until his recent retirement.  He has kept his hand in
wrestling by coaching the wrestling program in a nearby school.