MAY 2007
May 4, 2007

We announced last week that WWE had filed suit against Dale Gagner’s AWA over trademark infringement.  This week, AWA World-1
South promoter Jody Peterman – who is also an attorney – issued the following statement: “We will continue to run as AWA
World-1 South until and if there is a Court Order against Dale Gagner ordering him to stop using the AWA name.  I have had a chance to
review the lawsuit and spoke in detail with Dale.  There appears to be a legitimate defense to this lawsuit.  I cannot go into detail at this
point because the attorneys for Dale do not want to disclose legal strategy, but stay tuned, as I believe this situation will get very
interesting.â€�  Later that same day, Jon Stewart, Executive Vice President of AWA Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., issued the following: â
€œOn April 26th 2007, the WWE Entertainment, Inc., filed a trademark infringement case against our company, AWA Wrestling
Entertainment, Inc., in a Minneapolis Federal Court.  Appropriately, we have met and retained trademark attorneys from Chicago and
Minneapolis regarding this case.  I can speak on behalf of AWA Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., President Dale Gagner, "aka" Dale Gagne,
that Dale and myself welcome the challenge of Vincent K. McMahon, Jr., and the WWE.  We fully intend to let the United States justice
system and a jury trial help prove our case and claims regarding the AWA name.  The AWA will not back down and hide in a corner from
Vincent K. McMahon, Jr., a man who continues his attempt in monopolizing an entire industry and taking control of our company with
threats, slander and legal intimidation.  The entire AWA organization encourages all of our fans to continually visit the AWA Stars web site,
where all updates on this pending legal situation will be posted.�

Over at
GWTK, Francisco Ciatso (formerly known as Frankie Capone, as well as Frankie Coverdale for Deep South Wrestling) has been
chosen as April’s Wrestler of the Month.  He has been wrestling for about twelve years on the independent circuit, but has also
appeared with
TNA and WWC, in addition to wrestling in England and China).  Ciatso, who boasts training by Adrian Street and the WCW
Power Plant, won the AWA World-1 South promotion’s Southern Heavyweight Title from Glacier on April 7 in Tifton.  He has been a
regular main eventer throughout the month as the group has expanded out across the southern and central portion of the state.

If anyone has results from last night’s cards in Atlanta (
WWA4) or Chatsworth (APWF), please email us.  Tonight, there is wrestling in
Ellijay (
GWP) and Mount Zion (UCW).  Be sure to click here for more upcoming shows.

After much hoopla surrounding the gambling raid in Roswell, whereas many people were arrested, including Glenn ‘Disco Infernoâ
€™ Gilberti, the story seemed to disappear from the local news within a matter of two days.  That seemed rather odd, and left much
speculation as to what had actually happened that night.  An article has now been published by the
Roswell Beacon, stating that they
have confirmed through unnamed sources that federal agents acted on “faulty intelligence�, and have left the Roswell Police
Department “holding the bagâ€�.  Click
here for the article.

It may interest local fans that
Tiffany Fallon, an announcer on International Fight League broadcasts, is the same person who was once
Miss Georgia back in 2001.  She had also been an on-air personality briefly at 790 the Zone, starred in a Toby Keith music video, and
went on to become the 2005
Playboy Playmate of the Year.

It has been reported that Boston surgeons are confident they were able to remove the entirety of the cancer in Matt Cappotelli’s brain
during surgery on Tuesday.  The
Ohio Valley Wrestling star is said to be doing well in recovery.

In a huge story toward the growth and development potential for
Ring of Honor, the promotion has announced that an agreement has
been made to air taped shows as PPVs on both
inDemand and the Dish Network systems.  The terms of the deal appear to be for six
shows to be broadcast between the July 1, 2007, debut date, and June 2008.

After reporting that Bobby Lashley was being examined by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama, it was learned that the injury
was not as bad as initially thought, and he was able to make the
ECW event Tuesday night.  However, the news for Undertaker is not as
good, as he also saw Andrews in Birmingham, and it has been determined that he has torn biceps, and is expected to be out of action
for several months.  He is the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, so it will be interesting to see how they work the title from
him and onto someone else.

In addition to WWE asking fans to bring signs to their televised events with notes supporting the troops as part of
National Military
Appreciation Month, but they have also announced that the RAW show scheduled for Roanoke, Virginia, on Sunday will be free to anyone
Virginia Tech University who brings a student identification card.  Nice touches from the company run by a man many consider to be
the devil.
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