December 17, 2005
– Larry Goodman

Biohazard and Jacob Ladder won the “Tournament of Deuces� to become the first PWE tag team champions last night by
defeating the former NWA Wildside champions, Tank and Iceberg in the finals.

The thirteen team tournament also featured the PWE debut of former WCW star Allen Funk doing the “Kwee Wee� gimmick. Funk
teamed with ex-TNA star Sonny Siaki. Funk looked great in their first round match, but suffered a bicep injury severe enough to force them
out of the tournament.

Buff Bagwell produced a solid performance in the main event where he put rising babyface Scott Steel over huge.

A crowd of 175 at the Canton National Guard Armory (doubling the attendance at the November event) was treated to a good show. Not
the hottest of crowds by any means, but I can’t fault the product for that. Quality-wise, this was the most consistent show that PWE
has produced. There were none of the dead spots that have plagued their previous efforts. It’s not like every match was a mat
classic, but at a minimum, but each of them had some redeeming entertainment value. The booking of the tournament left any number of
teams as legitimate title challengers. They got the whole thing done in three hours which was also a major plus. There are still some
issues to be addressed on the production side. It has a barebones vibe ala IWA Mid-South. The sound system was woefully inadequate,
and the lag time between ring introductions was annoying.

Ring announcer Jenn Holbrook opened the show with a 10 bell salute to Eddie Geurrero. She was joined by Executive Consultant/ ex-
referee Carl Wilson with the “actual factuals�. Wilson said the NWA BOD had lifted Tank’s suspension. Iceberg and Tank
(introduced as the non-existent NWA Georgia champions) had entered the tournament and their credentials had earned them a spot in
the finals. Wilson said that Murder One would be allowed to have a partner of his choosing pending the arrival of Kory “Rainman�
Chavis (jetting to Canton after working the NWA Anarchy show in Cornelia).

The first round of the tournament consisted of four three-way affairs.

(1) Slaughter Brothers (Johnny & Joe) beat “Nightmare� Ted Allen & Ranger Ross and Notorious D. O. G. & Lamar Phillips in

Slaughters were the blatant heels. D.O.G. and Phillips were somewhere in between. They double teamed each other. The pairing of
Ross and Allen as a babyface legends team worked like a charm. They dominated the early going and the crowd was popping for their
offense, especially Ross, who looked very good here. Allen busted out a twisting flying bodypress on Johnny. That was a shocker. Both
Slaughter brothers got tagged into the match to set up a clever spot. One brother went for a pin on the other brother and the opposing
teams had to jump in to break it up. Finish saw D.O.G dump Ross. But Slaughter dumped D.O.G. and hit a Cradle Shock/top rope elbow
combo on Phillips for the pin.

Allen got into a dispute with Ross in the postmatch. Allen turned heel and did so without laying a hand on Ross or using the mic. It was
all done with gestures and the way the thing was staged. Nice. They set up a return match with Ross saying he was taking Allen’s
mask, and Allen threatening to scalp Ross.

(2) Biohazard & Jacob Ladder beat Darrin Childs & Sidd Murder (with Rachael Putski) and Regular Guys (Tyler Smith & Bobby Hill) in

Putski (formerly known as Rockin Robin) is now billed as the granddaughter of Ivan. She’s a good bit taller than her “grandfather.
� This was a good match when Biohazard was in and not so hot otherwise. They kept it interesting via the storyline where Childs is
feuding with Ladder and Bio. Ladder is a walking freak show. He’s tatted up like mad, has gaping holes pierced into his ear lobes
and “666� on his t-shirt. Regular Guys looked like, well, regular guys and very green ones at that. The match was booked to
minimize the negative effects of their inexperience. Hill’s t-shirt read “Tokin’ White Guy.� Biohazard and Ladder beat up
Guys for most of match. Childs made a blind tag and Ladder ran away. The woman I call Monkey Lady (she used to bring a toy monkey to
Wildside and make obscene gestures with it) pulled Ladder’s beard. Bio got heat on Tokin’ Guy. Childs ended a hot exchange
by dropping Bio on his head with a German suplex. Smith was taking it from both teams. Childs hit his finisher on Smith. Ladder went
after Childs’ woman. Putski screamed. All hell broke loose. In the confusion, Biohazard pinned Smith with a springboard senton

Scott Steel entered the ring with Mercedes and cut a promo to set up the main event. He’s looking like Ultimate Warrior minus the
face paint these days. Steel was humility personified. Steel talked about Bagwell being one of his favorites and seemed pretty much in
awe of the dude.

(3) Murder One & Scott McKinzie beat Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews with Ken Wallace) and Kid Ego Jr.
& Nick Rampage in 10:30

McKinzie, a Texan with good size, was the chosen stand in for Chavis. The few things he did looked solid. Wallace said Chavis had
pulled a Michael Jackson by turning white. Wallace’s mic work got “shut the hell up� type heat. Wallace introduced the
Brunettes. Naturally, they came out to the intro music that Austin and Pillman used for the Hollywood Blondes gimmick. The early part of
the match was a showcase for Ego’s flashy offense. Ego gets it. If only he had a modicum of size. Matthews caught Ego with a
turnbuckle hotshot. Brunettes worked over Ego’s neck. Matthews hit a sweet corner dropkick. Ego came back with the move that
Jimmy Rave called the Disco 2000 when he was a face. But there was nobody home for Ego’s spectacular corkscrew moonsault.
Good build to the hot tag here. Rampage was a suplex machine. Ego and Rampage saw their finisher foiled when Wallace knocked Ego
off his perch on the top rope. Rampage went after Wallace. Meanwhile, M-1 and McKinzie dispatched with Alexander and Matthews, and
M-1 pinned Ego with the Blazin’ Lariat. The replacement deal pretty much gave away the outcome, but this was a good match.

(4) “Kwee Wee� Allen Funk & Sonny Siaki beat Double Deuce (Frankie Capone & Marcus Dillon) and Black Pegasus & Raddick
in 6:20

Funk was in awesome shape and his work was very sharp. He looked like Mr. Clean with the shaved head. Funk showed no visible
signs from the incident where he basically had his face crushed (in a match against Siaki) two years ago. Siaki got off his feet bigtime for
Pegasus’ aerial attack. Siaki hit a push up press slam for a near fall. Pegasus took a stiff beating from Siaki and Funk. Double
Deuce (Pro Wrestling Warfare) got a laugh with their goofy hats, but they didn’t have a stellar night in the ring. Dillon’s stuff
looked really weak. They put heat on Siaki, who came back with an Ace crusher. Siaki and Funk tossed Deuce out. Finish saw Siaki
superkick the daylights out of Raddick, and Funk finished him with a jumping piledriver. Funk and Siaki made an impressive team. I didnâ
€™t see anything to account for Funk’s injury. It was shame that were unable to continue.

Wilson announced that an unknown assailant had beaten Funk to a bloody pulp during the intermission. As a result, Funk and Siaki were
out of the tournament, and Blackout would receiving a bye to the finals.

(5) Biohazard & Ladder beat Slaughter Brothers via DQ to advance to the finals (8:55)

This was heel vs. heel but fans had a lot more hate for Bio and Ladder. It opened with a solid exchange between Johnny and Bio. Then it
was Joe and Ladder’s turn. Ladder went to the outside. Monkey lady momentarily joined Joe for a double team on Ladder before
security intervened. Funny stuff. Slaughters hit a legdrop/sideslam combo on Bio. Johnny followed up with a german suplex. Joe went for
a series of pin attempts on Ladder. Ladder was late getting out of a backslide. Bio and Ladder were in deep trouble when they were
attacked by Childs and Murder. They brawled to the back. The ref DQed Slaughters due to outside interference.

(6) Biohazard & Ladder beat Blackout (Murder One & Kory Chavis) and Tank & Iceberg in an elimination match to become the PWE
tag team champions in 19:35

Ladder and Bio came out selling injuries from the brawl that ended the previous match. Chavis did nothing but sell for Tank and Iceberg
for the first five minutes. Not my idea of fun. Iceberg took a charging Rhino chest bump into the turnbuckles and then a flip bump into the
opposite corner. Iceberg managed to roll out under Biohazard’s swanton bomb. Double tags. Tank and M-1 traded bombs. M-1 hit an
Ace crusher. Siaki ran out and blasted M-1 with a chair. M-1 tapped out to Tank’s Anaconda Vise at 9:58. Iceberg took over on Bio with
a sidewalk slam and stiff right hand to the jaw. Iceberg hit a quarter ton splash off the middle rope and Bio kicked out~! It broke down into
a wild brawl. Bio superkicked Iceberg but the ref was nowhere to be found. He was busy watching Ladder bash Tank with a cookie sheet.
Tank started bleeding out of a hole in the middle of his forehead. Bio kicked the crap out of Iceberg for a near fall. Bio came off the apron
with a double axe on Tank. They switched dance partners. Tank and Bio sat down in chairs ala Necro Butcher and they smacked the s***
out of each other. It ended with Tank scoring a KO on Biohazard. Ladder got Iceberg up for a german suplex. Ref Joe Dollar got
squashed in the corner. Tank hit a Kevin Steen-style package piledriver on Ladder but no ref to count. Biohazard nailed Tank with a chair
and made the cover, as Dollar made the groggy three count.

Wilson said the title belts would be presented to Biohazard and Ladder at the January show.

(7) Scott Steel (with Mercedes) beat Buff Bagwell in 15:35

Bagwell did a great job (so to speak) in the role of the bitter, used up ex-hero, and made this about as good as they could have hoped for.
Best heat of the night. It wasn’t going to be a wrestling clinic under any circumstances. When the bell rang, Bagwell called for the
mic. Said this was his old stomping grounds (Bagwell started out North Georgia Wrestling), but the crowd was giving the love he
deserved to that idiot Steel. Bagwell ridiculed Steel’s “golly gee whiz� promo. Bagwell said Steel wasn’t Buff and he
wasn’t the stuff. Bagwell confronted a scary looking woman that was giving him hell and threatened to slap the last tooth out of her
mouth. Bagwell said that after drooling all over him for fifteen years, the fans were choosing this chump and it was their fault that he was
going to take a beating. Bagwell bumped for Steel’s power offense. Bagwell signaled for a time out. Steel fell for the handshake trick,
but Steel came right back with a sidewalk slam. Buff bailed. At 8:40, Bagwell got his first offense, a snap neckbreaker, and Steel powered
out of the pin. Bagwell started to choke off the big man’s air supply. Bagwell blocked a sunset flip and struck a double biceps pose.
Steel pulled Bagwell’s tights down. Bagwell showed off his ass. Steel countered a seat drop with a double knee to the groin. For the
second match in a row, we had a ref bump, as Bagwell got whipped into Johnny Boone (the former WCW official who is several cuts
about PWE’s other refs). Steel speared Bagwell and hit an FU but no ref to count. When Steel went to Boone’s aid, Bagwell went
for the knucks. Bagwell connected. Mercedes hit the ring to prevent the count. Bagwell brought a chair in. Mercedes grabbed it on the
backswing and konked Bagwell. 1-2-3. Finish wasn’t the smoothest but it worked. Bagwell put Steel over huge in the postmatch.
Said if he had Steel’s height, the sky would have been the limit. Steel admitted that he hadn’t wrestled many high profile
opponents, and called it his best match ever. If Steel were to develop his talking and wrestling to the level of his physique, he would be
ticketed for stardom. Steels said Bagwell was once on top and now he (Steel) was on the rise. Steel raised Bagwell’s hand to close
the show.


PWE returns to the Canton National Guard Armory on 1/14 with “Disco Inferno� Glen Gilberti on the card…PWE plans to run a
building in Rome every other Friday night with a tentative start date of 1/24…PWE is also exploring the possibility of getting television in
Rome…Phil Heffner’s NAWA has resurfaced in Trion, Ga running Thursday night shows at the Thompson Auction Center… in what
promises to be one of the stiffest encounters of 2005 or any other year, Tank faces Samoa Joe on 12/30 at IWA Mid-South’s Strong
Style tournament…Jenn Holbrook has a birthday coming up on 12/22...There was a rumor circulating that Siaki had signed with WWE.
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