July 14, 2006
– Larry Goodman

Last night’s NWA Wrestle Birmingham was overall, the hottest, most entertaining event the promotion has put on in its 18 month

The Memphis influence was in full effect, as the product was closer to the fun-filled, angle-laden, brawling and weapons style that
spawned ECW than the feel-good fluff at your typical nostalgia show.

Then again, Wrestle Birmingham transcends nostalgia, and this was their best job to date of blending the old with the new.

The show drew a crowd of over 400 to the Zamora Temple in Irondale, Alabama, which was up slightly from last month. However, the
heat and energy level of this crowd was way up.

(1) Bill Franklin beat Rivers D’Angelo in a Southern Street Fight by putting him through a table (5:43)

This wasn’t good, but it was lot better than watching these guys try to wrestle. D’Angelo has made a unique leap from a shooter
gimmick to hardcore guy. He ambushed Franklin in the aisle with a weapon. They were trading chairshots within the first two minutes.
Back inside, Franklin used the first wrestling move, a hiptoss. D’Angelo did some bad looking stuff and started to get the wrong kind
of heat. The crowd popped when RDA set up a table at ringside. D’Angelo went to the top and took the Flair flip bump through the
table. The crowd loved it and the ref called for the bell. Certainly not what I expected from an opening match in Birmingham, or anywhere
else for that matter, but it was short and the finish worked.

“Mr. Motivation� Jimmy Powell came out and ran down that no good no-showing Ricky Morton. Powell said Morton’s alcohol
breath could set you on fire if you weren’t careful. Powell “splained� that this was his last match. Said he started in 1978 and
had done a job for just about everybody. Powell said he didn’t mind taking a forfeit. “I’m the man. I’m Mr. Motivation. Whoâ
€™s it gonna be?â€�

Out came the perfect replacement, the Bullet.

(2) The Bullet beat Jimmy Powell in 2:07

These two have a history here and fans knew Bullet was still seeking revenge, so this got terrific heat. Powell immediately started
beating on Bullet with his briefcase. Powell was biting and choking and being a complete bastard. Powell missed with a briefcase shot
and threw a punch. Bullet hulked up with fire in his eyes. Bullet blasted Powell with the briefcase. Powell’s selling was pure gold.
Bullet covered Powell’s spread-eagled body and picked up one limp foot for the three count. Postmatch, Powell wandered around
ringside in a daze thinking that he had won the match. A tour-de-force comedy performance by Powell.

(3) David Young & Elix Skipper (with Robert Fuller) beat Brad & Scott Armstrong via DQ in 19:40

If you enjoy Southern style tag team wrestling at its finest, this is a match worth going out of your way to see. Young and Skipper were
awesome. They made the Armstongs look like gods. Most heels these days seem to lack either the skill or the desire to sell that way. It
got me really pissed off about the shabby treatment Diamonds received from TNA.

Daffney, in her “Million Dollar Baby� ring robe, was accompanied to the ring by the Tennessee Stud version of Clint Eastwood.
They waited for ex-champion “Action� Mike Jackson. Instead we got an unathletic little guy named Joe Hogan. Fuller ridiculed
Hogan as only he can do.

(4) Daffney (with Robert Fuller) beat Joe Hogan to retain the NWA Wrestle Birmingham Junior Title in 3:18

Daffney used a low blow right away and hit a couple of aerial moves. Daffney did an Eddie Guerrero-style rolling cradle for a two count.
Hogan suplexed Daffney. The crowd got on him for it. Hogan didn’t want to hit a woman, so he spanked Daffney on her ample ass.
That got a pop. A collision of shoulder blocks left Hogan at Fuller’s feet. Fuller kicked Hogan in the face and posted him. Daffney
pinned Hogan with a huracanrana for a monster pop. Fans chanted “Girl’s gone wild� at Daffney. Horrible wrestling but highly

Michael St. John called Daffney and Fuller back out for a ringside interview. The crowd chanted Daffney’s name. NWA official Roy Lee
Welch came out and got in Fuller’s face. Welch said that was enough tricks. Jackson was getting a title match on 9/22. Fuller said
Jackson was afraid of a woman, and Daffney would beat him like a dog. “There’s nothing I can’t do. I can beat anybody in the
building,� said Daffney. Fuller said his Million Dollar Baby was worth every dollar. “You’re 24 karat gold.�

(5) Big Bully Douglas pinned Lash LeRoux to retain the NWA National Title in 10:19

Not a bad match, but the fans didn’t know Douglas and didn’t care much about LeRoux. Lash surely hasn’t passed on any of
those rich Cajun meals lately. Good grief. I have give Douglas a lot of credit. Based on the first few times I saw him in Nashville back in
the day, I would never have expected him to be defending an NWA title of any sort in 2006. Douglas ripped at the eyes to break a
wristlock, but LeRoux nipped up and reversed into a hammerlock. LeRoux did a low-flying spinning headscissors. LeRoux went for an up
and over, and Douglas dropped him on his face. Douglas worked over LeRoux’s back with high impact moves. The match dragged a
bit here. LeRoux hit a back suplex and it was both men down. LeRoux kept beating Douglas to the punch and did the splits lariat, a move
that makes about as much sense as the People’s Elbow. Douglas was begging for mercy. LeRoux went for the Whiplash. Bully
escaped it, gave LeRoux a hotshot and pinned him using the ropes for extra leverage.

(6) McNasty (with Robert Fuller) beat B. G. James to win the NWA Alabama Heavyweight Title in 10:03

Wrestle Birmingham could use some decent title belts. The ones they have are those cheap looking lightweight things. James’ DX
intro never got past the word “Welcome.� McNasty attacked him from behind. McNasty went for a spear, but James stepped aside
and McNasty ended up on the floor. They brawled at ringside. McNasty used a chair on James. The crowd popped when James posted
McNasty and waffled him with a chair. Back inside the ring, McNasty hit a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Fuller choked James with his
towel. McNasty flew from the middle rope to the floor with a double ax on James. McNasty was giving James a stiff beating here. Fans
started barking for the comeback. The finishing sequence was wild. Fuller took a bump and his hat went flying. Daffney ran to ringside.
Ref Mike Pedey got bumped. James made the comeback with the robot punches and the crazy legs kneedrop. James covered but no ref
to count. Fuller tried to crawl into the ring. Bullet was there to pull him out. James had McNasty set up for the pumphandle finisher when
Daffney got him with the powder. McNasty hit an STO and a kneedrop, and the state of Alabama had a new heavyweight champion. The
fans were unhappy, and that mushroomed into outrage when Skipper and Young pounced on the 66-year old Bullet. The Armstrong boys
hit the ring, and the entire Stud’s Stable beat a hasty retreat.

St. John conducted a ringside interview with Stud’s Stable. Welch came out and said James would get his rematch on 9/22 and to
insure that there would be no interference, Bullet would be handcuffed to Fuller. Fuller went crazy when Welch snapped the handcuffs
onto his wrist. This was one hot segment. St. John’s voice cracked when he got overly excited, just like it did back in USWA.

(7) Dennis Condrey beat Lee Thomas in a Loser Leaves Town Match

Thomas lost his mask but doesn’t have to leave town after all. The bell never rang. It lasted about 10 minutes.


Wrestle Birmingham returns to Zamora Temple on 9/22 with Condrey vs. Lawler, James vs. McNasty in a rematch for the Alabama title,
and Daffney/Jackson for the NWA Wrestle Birmingham Junior belt…Wrestle Birmingham has a show in Graysville, Al on 7/15 featuring a
$1000 Royal Rumble. Jackson, Fuller and Daffney are on the card…The Wrestle Birmingham television show airs Saturday nights at 11:
30 on WB-21.
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