June 2, 2007
– Larry Goodman

Chad Parham advanced to the quarterfinals of the tournament to crown the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Damien
Wayne Saturday night at the NWA Anarchy television taping in Cornelia, Georgia.

For NWA Anarchy, this was the pivotal show to build for Hostile Environment ’07 at the Gainesville Mountain Center, the biggest event
in the company’s history, and it proved to be a monumental step in the right direction.

For NWA Anarchy owner, Jerry Palmer, it had to be a satisfying ending to a week of excess stress and drama.

They drew over 200 people, a ridiculously hot crowd, and gave them a first rate pro wrestling experience. The quality of the wrestling was
up, and the fans saw tantalizing setups for all the major matches at Hostile Environment. If this doesn't get a buzz going among their
hardcore fans, nothing will. It was a f**king home run, just the morale and confidence boost the crew needed at the critical juncture.

It was the largest crowd for a television taping since February 2006, and second only to Hardcore Hell for the best NWA Arena crowd of

Greg Hunter, (doing double duty as ring announcer and play-by-play man) opened the show by introducing a video package on the NWA
Title Tournament that was put together by Executive Producer Kevin Marx. It featured two of the three former NWA World Heavyweight
Champions that were regular performers in Cornelia – A. J. Styles and Abyss – Ron Killings (as K-Krush) was the third.

(1) Jeremy Vain weaseled his way to a 10 minute draw with Truitt Fields to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Title

The babyface pop for Fields was insane. It was only the first of many such pops throughout the evening. Vain immediately took a TO for
some stretches straight out a middle school gym class. Vain slapped Fields across the face, took a flat back bump when Fields gave
him a receipt, and they were off and running. Fields blasted Vain with shoulder blocks and the crowd was going nuts. Vain took another
time out. Fields gave Fields a press slam. That’s going to be a helluva spot if Fields learns to pause at the top a la Luger/Flair. Vain
poked Fields in the eyes and took over with a short arm back elbow and wheelbarrow suplex. Vain slowed things down. The crowd was
hot for a comeback, and they got it with a flying shoulder block. Fields hit a big powerslam, but Vain rolled a shoulder at two and ½. Vain
spent the rest of the match trying to run out the clock with Fields in hot pursuit. At one point, Vain dug his claws into the apron to prevent
Fields from pulling him back inside the ring. Fields kept getting near falls, but ultimately, Vain was able to escape with the title. This was
a fun opener that left the people wanting to see more, because it was made clear Fields’ has Vain’s number.  

(2) Derrick Driver & Steven Walters beat Andrew Pendleton III & Caleb Konley in 6:32

This was face vs. face, although Pendleton had been heel, and as “The Obsession,� the debuting Konley has an arrogant
demeanor. Driver and Walters used combo moves to get heat on Konley, until Konley was able to roll out from under Driver’s
cannonball senton. Pendleton and Konley doubled up on Driver. The crowd got behind Driver, who hit a flying bodypress for a double
down spot. Walters got the tag and hit a cross-armed swinging neckbreaker on Pendleton for a near fall. The finish came out of nowhere
when Driver made a blind tag and caught Pendleton unaware with a sunset flip. They shook hands after the match.

Next up was backstage vignette featuring the Anger Alliance. This was pretty hilarious. Adam Roberts advised Don Matthews and
Brandon Phoenix to research their tapes and DVDs to find the best group of four in wrestling. Matthews did a “whoo� and a strut.
Roberts asked what was up, and Matthews said he must have been reacting to the hot coffee. Brodie Chase showed up. He was on the
phone talking to somebody (Sal Rinauro?) about the Anger Alliance making beaucoup bucks for taking care of Todd Sexton.

Sexton entered the ring. He said Rinauro had no balls. Sexton said their might be four of them, but he was taking somebody down with
him.  Chase sent Phoenix in to do the dirty work. Sexton handled Phoenix, but ended up being beaten down by all four members of Anger
Alliance. Chase, Phoenix and Roberts all hit their finishers to soften Sexton up, and then Matthews killed him dead with The Lariat.
Chase was fixing to jump off the top onto Sexton when the foursome from the previous match made the save. Chase took a Flair bump
off a Stevens and Walters press slam. The refs chastised the Alliance. Sexton was in a bad way.

We saw Seth Delay and Patrick Bentley on the WrestleVision screen. Delay said he was afraid Bentley was going to get beat again. Delay
said there was no heat between them, and he was just thinking about Bentley, and didn’t want to see him suffer any further
humiliation. “When this is over, I’ll be there to pick up the pieces of your broken heart,� said Delay.

(3) Slim J beat Patrick Bentley via submission at 7:03 to go up 2-1 in their best of five series

Just like match number three, this was total domination by J and the crowd was his. Other than a couple of brief comebacks, J pitched a
shut out. As they say in NASCAR, Bentley had nothing for him, and J’s ground work and submissions were nothing short of stellar.
He’s done a phenomenal job of expanding his game with MMA stuff that works in real fights. At one point, J got a front guillotine from
the guard. At another, J creamed Bentley with a missile dropkick right in the mush for a close near fall. J then hit a fisherman buster
suplex for another near fall. Bentley tapped out to the Roach Clip (inverted variation of the STF).

“What the hell was that?� said J. J said he didn’t want somebody to lay down for him and questioned Bentley’s heart.
Bentley slapped him. J said, “That’s what I want to see. But think what’s up under you. It’s 2 to 1 and I’m gonna whip
your ass, buhh-ster.� The fans popped huge for J.

Attorney Jeff G. Bailey entered the ring with the latest incarnation of the NWA Elite (“The Feature Presentation� Jeff Lewis,
Abomination and “The Universal Soldier� Phil Shatter). Bailey said the fans in attendance at the last show saw history made when
Shatter pinned Iceberg for the first time in Anarchy history. Bailey said Shatter (a veteran of the Iraq war) was pro wrestling’s only
serial killer, a man that despite dead bodies littered around him was able to forge ahead to kill every enemy in his way. Bailey said the
Rejects were now Shatter’s enemy. Bailey said Tank was no more, thanks to the “Human Holocaust� Abomination. Bailey
said Lewis had Sean Tempers beaten except Wilson sent his “filthy heretics� out to prevent it. Bailey it was in Wilson’s best
interest not to show his face in Cornelia ever again. Wilson came to ringside with the Rejects (Iceberg, Azrael, Tempers and Dominous).
Wilson said Bailey must be working for FOX News with the spin doctoring he was doing on this story. Wilson said “GI Jerkoff�
didn’t beat Iceberg and Tempers wasn’t beaten either. “I have a fever, and only the cure is the blood of the Devil’s
Rejects� He meant to say NWA Elite. Same difference.

That brought Palmer out. He said it wasn’t happening tonight. The fans didn’t like it. Palmer said it would happen on 6/23 inside
a fourteen foot cage at the War Games, and there would be only one survivor. That they liked. Wilson noted that the Elite were still a man
short. Bailey said he had a surprise, the “Soul Assasin� Kory Chavis was coming back as a full-time member of the NWA Elite.
The Rejects and the Elite starting tossing the refs aside to get at each other. A wild scene ensued when three uniformed Habersham
County cops showed up to prevent any physical contact between the warring factions.

Another great Bailey/Wilson confrontation with the cops to spice it up. What more could you ask to set up the War Games?  

(4) Luke Hawx defeated Steve Anthony in 7:30. Hawx received a hearty “welcome back� chant

Hawx’ has added significant muscle since his Wildside days and it has given his offense more pop. Anthony is a solid, seasoned
pro from Louisiana, who made several trips to Cornelia in the Wildside era. Match was technically sound and they did some flashy
moves, but because Anthony was an unknown without a strong heel presence, it lacked the amazing heat of the rest of the card. Chain
wrestling opening. Anthony did a nice old school headstand escape from a headscissors. Anthony picked up the pace with a power drive
back suplex. Hawx took a flip over the top rope off a punch from Anthony, and his face bounced off the apron. Cool bump. Hawx threw
some wicked chops. Anthony cut him off and hit a pumphandle back suplex for a near fall. Anthony did a northern lights version of the
three amigos. Flatliner by Hawx and it was comeback time. Hawx got near falls with a spin kick and an exploder suplex. Anthony hit a
Michinoku Driver but no there was no water in the pool for his 450 splash. Luke won it a long distance guillotine legdrop. Great looking

(5) Austin Creed beat Kyle Matthews (with Andrew Alexander) with major distraction provided by Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins (9:32)

The crowd treated Creed like a star. It’s a great gimmick. Early on, the crowd went nuts when Creed gave the Hollywood Brunettes a
meeting of the minds at ringside. They took such a great bump that it got a “one more time� chant, which Creed obliged. Then he
used Matthews’ arm to clothesline Alexander. Ridiculous but funny. Inside the ring, Creed hit a facebuster style bulldog for a near fall.
But Alexander pulled the ropes down to spill Creed to the floor and gave him a beating. Delay and Hawkins came to ringside. Hawkins
seated himself in a chair, while Delay brought out an 8 foot ladder and got a bird’s eye view from the top. The crowd chanted â
€œUSA,â€� not that there were any foreigners in the match. Matthews hit a corner dropkick for two. Creed rallied with some blistering
chops. Matthew clubbed Creed with the cast on his right wrist, but Creed managed to roll a shoulder. Referee Harold James blocked
another attempt to use the cast. Delay distracted Matthews. Hawkins checked Alexander, and Creed rolled Matthew up.

With Delay and Hawkins battling at ringside with Alexander, Creed climbed to the top of the ladder and dove onto all three of them. Call
me psychic, but I see a ladder match at Hostile Environment in my crystal ball.   

(6) Shadow Jackson (with Jerry Palmer) beat J. T. Tallent in 4:47

Jackson still had the patch over the eye where he was burned by Justice Served. Under normal circumstances, Jackson would have
beaten the bum in two minutes, but he was vulnerable because of the eye. Tallent attacked the eye every chance he got. It was 80s night,
but then every night is 80’s night for Jackson, and I mean that in a good way. He used a D*** Murdoch elbow, a Mr. Wrestling II
kneelift and a Dusty Rhodes bionic elbow before pinning Tallent with a Magnum T. A. belly to belly suplex.

Palmer got on the mic and told Justice Served to come get some. Getz and Mikki Free appeared on the big screen. Getz said Palmerâ
€™s insinuations that there was trouble between Jason Justice and Getz were untrue. Getz asked why Nemesis wasn’t there. Getz
said there was nobody left to watch Jackson and Palmer’s backs. Getz issued a challenge for a dog collar match and predicted that
Jackson would end up as lifeless, blood corpses. At this point, Free ran in through the front door and potatoed both Jackson and Palmer
with chain shots to the head. Free then collared Jackson with the chain and hung him over the top rope. Another wild scene here.
Jackson was helplessly dangling and gagging. One brave security guy hit the ring and got laid out by Free. Finally, Bill Behrens unlocked
the brain freeze and got security to pull Jackson down.  

(7) “Technical Perfection� Chad Parham pinned “Mr. Mid-Atlantic� Damien Wayne after a piledriver at 13:32 to advance
to the quarterfinals of the NWA World Heavyweight Title tournament

This was a natural as the southern region match up: the two-time NWA Anarchy Champion vs. the two-time NWA Virginia Champion.
Parham got a loud, albeit mixed response. Wayne has a great look, 230 pounds of muscle, and carries himself like a top flight pro
wrestler, but the fans didn’t seem to know what to make of him. Just as James was about to call for the bell, Ace Rockwell’s
music hit and he came out wearing a neck brace. Rockwell shook Wayne’s hand and joined Hunter on commentary. Like magic, the
crowd was behind Wayne. They scrambled on the mat and Parham bailed. Wayne continued to outwrestle Parham and gave him a
hiptoss over the top rope. Parham took a nine count and went back to the floor. The crowd chanted “Chad’s a wussy,� and
kept it up for most of the match. Parham used a drop toehold to spill Wayne through the ropes. They blistered each other with the stiffest
chops of the night. Wayne shot Parham into the rail and knocked him on his ass with a punch in the face. Inside the ring, Wayne hit a
twisting fist drop off the top rope, a very cool and very unique move. Wayne missed a middle rope legdrop to the apron and took a sick
bump on his tailbone. He’s going to be regretting that one in another 10 years. Parham was all over Wayne, and he was real not a
very nice person about it. Parham did his thingyish one foot cover, and the back suplex with the thingyy nip up. Parham nailed Wayne in
the back of the head with a enzuigiri, but Wayne kicked out at one. Parham applied a choke submission and used the ropes for extra
leverage. Parham raked Wayne’s back. Wayne catapulted Parham’s face into the turnbuckle to spark a comeback. It built to a top
rope elbow drop, which was the one spot of the match that lacked authority. Parham got a foot over the ropes. Parham hit his senton
backsplash, but Wayne rolled a shoulder at two. Wayne blocked a piledriver and planted Parham on the top. Wayne hit a super
brainbuster suplex that left both men down. Wayne was up at seven and headed back to the top. Parham shoved James into the ropes to
crotch Wayne. Parham’s piledriver looked bigtime nasty. A match they can proud of.

Parham invited Rockwell into the ring to raise the hand of a world champion. Parham changed his mind and said no cripples allowed.
Too late. Rockwell ripped off the neck brace and speared Parham. Rockwell went for Aces High, but Parham slipped out of the ring.
Rockwell lorded Parham’s NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title belt over him. Behrens gave the belt back to Parham, who then refused to
shake Wayne’s hand.


Palmer said that Hostile Environment is now a fundraiser with a portion of the proceeds going to the Muscular Dystrophy Association...
Anarchy returns on 6/16 with J vs. Bentley in match number four and Azrael vs. Chavis to determine the order of entry into the War Gamesâ
€¦It was good weekend for wrestling crowds in Northeast Georgia as APW drew their best crowd in months to Royston. Fields pinned the
APW Heavyweight Champion Simon Sermon in the tag team match to give Fields in the inside track for a title shot.  6/8 has a six man
with Matt Sells & Ryan Michaels & Tallent vs Nick Halen & Mike Pittman & J, …MAXW returns to action in Williamston, SC on 6/9 at City
Hall with a 7pm bell time … The next GWP show will be at the Waleska Ballfield on 6/30 and their big “Rage in the Cage� show
will be back in Waleska on 7/8. The Ellijay shows have been put on hold…Parham’s opponent in the quarterfinals will be Adam
Pearce, who defeated Aaron Aguilera in the opening round. That match will take place on 7/13 in Los Angeles…The Cornelia
newspaper gave Anarchy a nice write up regarding their participation on the NWA Title Tournament…Wayne is booked for the 6/9 ROH
show in Philadelphia.
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